Entelechy Album Cover

1. Entelechy (4:33) - listen
2. The Flame of Love (5:02) - listen
3. Islands of Sorrow (5:15) - listen
4. Take Time Out (4:30) - listen
5. The Masked Ball (4.10) - listen
6. Islands of Sorrow (Deep Mix) (5:18) - listen

You said that you loved me, that I was the one
You said that you’d marry me if my heart could be won
Then finally I gave you all it was you desired
The gift of my body, my heart and it’s fire
Beware of the passion that leads us astray
To the islands of sorrow at the end of the bay
A mist o’er the heart that robs us of reason
When lovers’ madness is having it’s season
I swore you my lover forever and all
I called you my soulmate and I answered your call
In time you grew weary and we fell apart
And now there’s just longing and a break in my heart
The mist keeps on rolling all over the moor
And I am still waiting watching the door
Will there ever be another? Could I love again?
Has my chance gone forever? Will there always be pain?
Many times I have turned, thinking you’re there
Only to find nothing but a ghost in your chair
So hear me young lovers who dream of romance
Hold onto your hearts then your love has a chance

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